I am now confirming that 1.5 will be the final Sunbeem and Musicalbeem 1.3 will be that one's final updates due to me trying to move on to LBP3 after I finish all of my LBP2 projects and fill up my (LBP2) level space.

I'll only be making a few more Sunbeem games, including a christmas seasonal one because I can.

As mentioned earlier, I will end mainstream general LBP2 support when I am done with Sunbeem 1.5, Musicalbeem 1.3, and Sunbeem Solar 1.2, and other projects.

Sunbeem Current Versions
Model Version Updates Left
Sunbeem 1.3 2
Musicalbeem 1.1 2
Sunbeem Solar 0.85 3

When I end mainstream support, I will most likely not ever update any of these consoles ever, but I am 100% sure there will be no more First-Party games.

When I move on to LBP3, something new will rise...

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