EDIT: Like Skyton and older OLDER Finale, here's another blatantly false promise I made. I will be following up on this with a new post.

So, in the past, I have made songs for a supposed album called Finale which was to be a U-Music release. However, just like Increase in Measurement, the songs sounded like shit, so now that they aren't shit, it's actually progressing well.

Firstly, I have no release date planned because I can never meet them. If I did, I'd end up like every AAA developer. In fact, I did set one on Bandcamp but we've already passed that date now.

So, the tracklist begins.

Title Length
Completed? Notes
1Solar Prelude 2:54 Need to balance everything, maybe add something original in there and not have it repeat. The introduction. This is the oldest melody I've created on this album, as it was to be used in the original Finale for U-Music.
2The Blitz 6:10 Almost This is the song that proves I can make kick-ass music just as much as anyone else. The first time the beat hits, you'll start bobbing your head violently.
3Electromagnetism 6:43 Almost Suddenly melodic disco electro funky stuff. If you turn the pitch up at the beginning, (not the speed) you'll notice the melody is the one from the X-Files theme. Nobody said I couldn't use it.
4The Ride 4:26 Almost Personal Jesus clone? Nope, more kick-ass music driving style. Not to mention one of the sickest interludes in the middle.
5Dungeon 6:14 Almost Or a cave, or a quest, because that's the feeling I get from this composition anyways. Definitely one of the first kinds of songs I've done in a while.
6Synthetic Blast 6:38 Almost (I should probably throw in some "Round One"s in there.) Yes, more shooter music. Why? Because I can. This one has more of an adventure feel only because of the key it's in.
7TP-FPAND 4:37 Lackluster arrangement. If Solar Prelude was an entire song, basically. I'll need to rework it. A homage to the older beats we made decades ago. (Not even talking 2003 trance, like 1995 module files.)
8A Night on the Streets 4:27 Not exactly. The OLD kind of funk (that's actually what the project name is). Sampling, swing, even vinyl sounds. Yes, general hop as it was before. Includes some interludes and a solo just as good as the best from Guitar Battles.
9Ring of Dance 2:58 Arrangement isn't even done. Think Magnus Ingens but with consistency.
10Pound Him 3:50 Needs an Extended Mix Inspired by the internet's favorite fight song, Back to Mad by Texas Faggott, this should give you an idea of something similar.
11Back to the Madness 3:46
Almost If Chunky still has my audition samples for Bubblesworth, the sample used here is just as low pitched as that. With a beat, suddenly Around the World by Daft Punk is not as good.
12Legacy 3:16
Almost This one really hits closest to home. The first time I encounter anything with piano keys, I might as well be doing the main melody here.
13Engagement 2:52 Arrangement isn't even done. Reminds me most of some of the tracks from While(1<2) by Deadmau5.
14Alliance  ?:?? Arrangement isn't even done. I actually made this song a while back, and it was called "Life". Underperforming mastering meant I had to scrap it. Now, it's back in all it's disco glory.
15Little Chomp's Journey 3:00 Arrangement isn't even done. One of my sweetest melodies in a long time, and that's saying something.


  1. Tracks with green numbers (first column) mean they won't be moved up or down; they'll stay right where they are. Can't say the same for red ones.
  2. Red length times means those won't be final, meaning by the time Finale is released, those tracks will not have the same durations.
  3. Tracks with two length times mean those tracks have an original mix as well as a shortened version, called a radio edit. The original mixes are longer.

And if you don't believe that I'm working on these songs, here's a little snippet from Little Chomp's Journey which is that sweet melody I was talking about. The synth may not be the same in the final version, but in the meantime...

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