T-Games and Trixel hosted the first ever Tri-Expo this week, and unfortunately for their timing, I was too busy watching Justin Trudeau win a landslide majority victory in the election. The gist of it is, apparently Stephen Harper's campaign organizer was a racist (any expletive here), and that he bailed on the Conservatives once the Liberals started gaining in the polls (we'll legalize marijuana). Sad too because the NDP was almost squashed that night. A lot of talk on social media has it that the Liberals will be held to their word on electoral reform so that strategic voting can become a thing of the past.

But enough of that, I also missed quite a bit of stuff at Tri-Expo, so I'll comment here and now.

The new MusicPlayer

That slogan alone may just hint that the audience Tri-Expo is catering to isn't using Windows. It sounds like it was ripped straight from Apple's playbook designed to steal your money because newer is better, and older sucks. It's clear that they'll sell it off as is because everyone knows the contributors of the project and is related to the Oprah effect in some ways.

But it's nice to see T-Games (try to) get some more recognition in LBP by marketing the MusicPlayer as a viable platform for musicians. There is quite the downside, though; catering to popular musicians doesn't give other musicians a good impression about whether or not this product is actually for them. It seems to be a good platform for musicians that make their sequencers all sparkly and amazing, but the tactic doesn't work with people who are actually making sparkly and amazing music.

Also, I hope MusicPlayer's dev team doesn't break off into a studio called "MusicPla" like GameEx did.

The Adventures of Protag

Sounds ridiculous when pronounced, but sounds promising when announced, Chunky is going to have quite the amazing time with 16 new layers that his previous cashcow franchise never had. Speaking of which-

Evergreen Park: The Bubbles' Revenge
the next chapter in the tale of SackHero - Evergreen Park: Revenge of the Bubble!

Man, that's really inconsistent naming-- which is it for real?

And if you make yet another sequel, I don't want it to be called "Evergreen Park: Sackhero goes to Disneyland," okay?

Traffic Panic 2: Road Rage!
the sequel [...] is almost here!

Just as a warning, Super Mario Galaxy 2 didn't get just as rave reviews as the original for nothing. Please ensure that the audience cannot tell if you've run out of ideas or not.

The Network and T-Chest

From the people who tried and tested a subscription system and failed, comes another subscription system using the same name as another different thing we scrapped before!

Subscribers are also offered promotional deals when available. If you signed up to our previous service, the T-Games Network, then your account will be converted to a The Network subscription.

The wording of this sentence makes it seem like account transfers are promotional deals.

Pop Blox!
Inspired by minigames from the LittleBigPlanet 2 Story Mode.

Not just inspired, I'm pretty sure there's a minigame that is exactly what Pop Blox is... and there's probably a community level that's probably already been Team Picked with the same mechanics.

I'll be so done with LBP if Pop Blox gets Team Picked, because I'm pretty sure that isn't how creativity works. Nobody downloads Winamp for its skin support, it's the music.

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