Hello. I'm DD. I'm the guy Bill and S.P. had been mocking for the past few months, not known for the logos, the music, and the wiki design.

But recently, I've set aside the conflict. A lot of things are changing, and... well, to be back here for this post... I thought it would never happen.

I just want to set one thing completely straight with you guys: I'm still not in T-Games, I haven't been in T-Games, and... well, S.P. was curious about SRKT Games when I left. Well...

No. SRKT was not continued. I was actually hoping to make a group called Future Team, which (unlike T-Games OR SRKT) would be a simple collaboration group. It wasn't platform specific. It was going to be a place members could help each other out in.

Unfortunately, Future Team was not even launched, and I couldn't work on it because we all have an issue at hand that we need to deal with.


Bill says that LittleBigPlanet and T-Games has become an addiction to him. I believe that half of that is true.

LittleBigPlanet wasn't just our platform. T-Games was our platform. It was literally the place we'd be, no matter what. And I just think back to my first conflict with Bill. It wasn't about Rememberance Day. It wasn't about T-Squad. It was about Xbox and PlayStation.

Bill was like Wikipedia; he had no specific view towards either consoles. I argued (pointlessly) that the PlayStation dominated in performance. Did it really?

People do have their opinions. I had my jokes. I joked a bit too hard to aggravate Bill when he was stressed the most, and I really don't think he deserved it to be pushed when he lost someone.

Yes, people die. But all of us at T-Games won't. And T-Games won't.

T-Games was our creative corner, and the place I shared my entire ideas. And life.

I... spoke a bit too much about my life. I regret that.

But I won't regret being a T-Games member. Because really, you felt... a luxury. It wasn't wealth. It wasn't fame. It was the fact that you actually had a place to revert to when times were odd, and while I may not get along with everyone...

...our ideas were similar. T-Games was focused on simply making consoles and products around it when it first hit LBP. But Bill wanted more. He wanted a website, he wanted a wiki, he wanted... well... the grand thing... I never knew.

But he wanted music. And I was capable of that. Originally he imposed some limits... which were later revised.

U-Music is why I was actually accepted into T-Games in the first place. I never had good console creation skills, but I was always pressured to make music themes for their consoles. I never got those themes finished.

So, is T-Games finished though? Well... really, that's up to Bill. He could hand the role to someone else, and probably watch it combust in flames as he originally never wanted when he first resigned. Or... he could go the SRKT path, and lay it to rest without a trace. With all that's happened, it's probably difficult. Or... he could do the Duke Nukem Forever way and leave it in limbo until a miracle happens and he can return.

Really, those aren't the only options, but it's probably the most common ones, or most likely to happen.

A lot of my views on things have really changed since I quit, and I don't think joining T-Games would be (at all) the best thing to do in this situation.

And a lot of things have changed since I quit.

  1. My laptop now dual-boots Windows and Linux (I'm writing this on the latter)
  2. I have a 1.5 TB external hard drive for 2.5 times the storage space. (I don't think that's right though. You do the math. 1 TB + 1.5 TB)

I feel like the addiction of T-Games is coming back. The feeling I got when I skipped school for LBP.

But if T-Games goes to rest, it should be done slowly, without issues, and with ease. Like how Microsoft ended Windows XP support on the 8th. Wait, WHAT-

And if T-Games does end, I could create a special picture for Bill that'll say:

"Thank you for everything." Complete with all the consoles, album covers, Sapphires, and logos.

That's my way of ending a chapter in my life. Not a conflict.

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