You guys may or may not be happy about what I found, but I found it regardless and I don't know how I feel about it.

Now it's a very minor thing; it's not controversial, but it does raise some questions about how email services should be run.

Yeah, emphasis on email. Let me explain.

Recently I went into my current email account to do some cleaning (because, you know, inboxes will fill up after years of neglect), and I saw two test emails sent by

"Oh living [ BLEEP ], I had that one too!?" Said innocent me, now prompted to go to to try to fix the situation.

I logged on using an old password I had never bothered to change and right there, in the inbox, were three T-Games Network emails from two addresses.

And they were marked as read too! Why did I use the Future Team email to sign up to T-Games Network? Ah well. Let's re-read them to get a glimpse of the past.

T-Games Network Account Registration Complete!
From: TGamesofficial (
Date: June 27, 2014 6:32:36 AM

Don't you know? I put my full trust in 'TGamesofficial' to give me confidential details about my registration!

Hello Jaren,

This is the correct response.

This is an email notification to inform you that your T-Games Network Account has been set-up!

...I couldn't tell from the text in the Subject. /s

PlayStation Network Username: ddrevolution909
Minecraft Username: FosterHaven

Oh and to make sure you know about your account, we'll tell you everything about your account, Jaren.

Your current T-Token Balance is 4T. More items will be available from the T-Token store within the next few weeks.

An indirect way of saying "can't redeem them now, sorry."

Thank you for becoming a part of the T-Games Community!

-The T-Games Team

But I was already... oh nevermind.

(If there are any problems with the details above, say so in a reply to this message)

You mean this isn't automated? What would happen if some ex-member decided to email you some harsh message? Recall the Tumblr RSS tactic I used in early 2014. Not a good thing to have.

I didn't want to cover them all, but they're all available for viewing in my OneDrive. Would I run a similar service? Well, right after I deleted the future team email, I noped out.

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