YES! NEW INFOBOXES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Well, there's no way to read it wrong... then you'd have to be really stupid...

If you don't know what an infobox is, it's basically the thing you see on the right side of the screen when you're viewing articles created by me. Because I have little to no knowledge in wiki markup, I couldn't modify an infobox without screwing something up or not having it in a style I prefer... but that's about to change. I've found a new infobox that's easily customizable (to me, anyways) and better than the current one we're using. But because the style is different, we can't just upgrade the current template. In the old infobox, you typed this:

Row 1 title

This new infobox has something a bit easier.

header1 - Unfortunately, this header overwrites the label, so you have to choose.

These pieces of code are obviously different, so articles that use the old infobox won't be able to seamlessly upgrade themselves.

The template is called Infobox VG, and on its page, it includes a blank template layout to start off with, when creating an infobox on an article.

This new template should aid us in making better infoboxes on the wiki.

Here's a comparison. =D Tell me what you think.

Old Infobox Template

What is it?

It's something.

What can it do?

It can do something.

Is it relevant?


New Infobox Template
What is it? It's something.
What can it do? It can do something.
Is it relevant? Yes.

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