Before Time is available now!

I've decided to announce my newer newer album, Before Time. You may have seen this on the Skyton catalog. Well, that gave me the idea to make the album, as the majority of the songs are new.

Before Time
# Track Title Length
1. Before Time 3:02
2. The Synth Journey 3:16
3. Cryptokinesis 3:29
4. Space Van 2:35
5. Piano Man's Soft Keys 4:19
6. Antivalue (New) 4:43
7. Intermission 0:48
8. That's Funky 4:27
9. Material Mike and
Perpetual James
10. With Fire (Mr. Fly) 4:13
11. Gone Clockers 2:36
12. Cruft 3:49
13. Separation Anxiety 3:15
Total 44:13

If you're wondering why I did not release this on Bandcamp, it's because Bandcamp expects you to make revenue, something I cannot legally do.

FLAC or MP3? Which one do I pick?
  • For maximum compatibility across a wide range of devices, use MP3
  • For that sweet juicy lossless quality that blows your internet connection out and/or your hard drive space, try FLAC

Enjoy this blumin' beautiful release. Yes I did just plagiarize a remix victim, you can't sue me.


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