T-Games Logo comparison

T-Games logos

Since the founding of T-Games, the logo has remained the same. It always had the Avalonia "T" sticker with a 32-point star and a cyan circle...

But today, logo's are starting to change. Microsoft has chosen the colors of their new logo to be the Windows flag, Google Chrome's logo became flat, and eBay finally found some gravitational pull for their letters...

But what about T-Games? We haven't adapted to this corporate movement, but that is all going to change.

Effective August 21st, 2013, we will roll out a collection of new logos with a new modern theme. The T-Games, U-Music, T-Pod, T-VIP, Wiki and Sapphire logos will be changing to fit in with this new modern era. [1]

The T-Squad will remain to be in the style of the old logos until further notice.

It's been over 2 years: the T-Games logo has remained the same. But this time, we're going to adapt.

And our logos will adapt. The new logos will reflect the colors of the places they are used in. Different color schemes will be for different T-Games areas. And it looks like T-Games Wiki will be getting a background... [2]

In the meantime, all we can do at this point is prepare.

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