Finale (2016 Select Remasters)
# Title Length Changes
1The Blitz 6:13 The bass and kick are melded together to produce a punchier sound and the impulse is roomier. The highs are extensively softened but not to the point that it ruins the energy. This one has the most drastic changes.
2The Ride 4:27 This one was actually tough because the original version wasn't too bad of a master in the first place. Nevertheless, greater emphasis is put on the low-end, the highs are selectively ramped, and the sound has a new feel to it thanks to the impulses.
3Dungeon 6:15 This one has quite the contrast. The original sounds like a demo I'd send off to the label, but the remaster sounds like the final result. Or it could be used as a test case with something like "Soundgoodizer" with before and after even though I'm actually just using Fruity Limiter (I think).
4Synthetic Blast 6:43 None of the instruments are trying to be the loudest. It sounds like the kick and bass are actually competent, and they play well with the rest.

Finale came in two iterations; the first one was planned as the sequel to Increase in Measurement, which was my first release ever and the last under The Darkness Within (I scrapped the name because there's already a band under it). The second one was never actually put out, so now I've rectified that with this new remaster of four songs from it (there were six total). Whether they sound better is up to you to decide, as remasters are frequently criticised for ruining the sound for high-fi systems especially, which is not what's happening here. The composition is no different; both versions, old and new, have the same notes1 and instruments2 played from start to finish, and the like; the difference is how they are tuned.

Solar Prelude and Electromagnetism are not getting remasters because I don't want them to be published as full songs. I feel like they aren't actually complete and I'd like to see them turned into something different instead of what they are now.

  1. In the original master of The Ride, there is a merge of kick and bass as part of a buildup. However, the bass is removed so that the kick doesn't get ruined as its time signature increases. This is the only change here.
  2. The original master of Synthetic Blast has a drop kick sound that the remaster changes. You'll definitely notice it if you compare the two.
# Title Length Notes
1Introduction 4:07 Based on an older project I was going to do for Twenty For Teen.
2Maximum Load 5:27 Progressive hard trance. Probably one of the many few that transition into an entirely different key and style.
3Toad 4:12 Calm strum chords by a pluck. Doesn't get much better.
4Korreydon 6:47 Techno trance! Haven't done it in a while.
5Alcohol Andromeda 3:38 Massive phasers. Excuse the trap beat.
6Korreydon (Reprise) 4:36 I basically used similar instruments and exact same drums to create a different song.
7Corkscrew 3:46 My favorite of the album. Basically fast beat with crazy bass and stuff.
8Solace 3:56 Another silky smooth one. Though it may seem repetitive.
9Project Reality 3:21 Groovy 2010-worthy electro funk.
10Dawn 2:58 Nostalgic, yet unsure why.
11The Afterlife 4:26 For the vocals, I have a speech generator running.
12World of Color 3:48 Great chords.
13Fury 3:34 Bass electro thingy with a lead that's repetitive.
14Fury: Ambition 4:30 Continuation in a more house style than electro.

VOLO is my latest album that succeeds Before Time, and it's currently getting the polishing touches.

Twenty For Teen
# Title Comments
1Filter I still remember the day I made this in February 2013; I had just gotten FL installed on our family laptop, and even though this was my first song, it showed me how to use the piano (the wrong piano, but still the piano). FL12, along with its neat vector interface, completely removes the feature I dealt with (it all got transferred to the piano roll).
2Original Music Manufacturer You cannot tell me that the original is good. Compared to the new version, there is no reason to risk the safety of your ears.
3I Am Ready Literally just fixing the mastering here; excessive compression and stuff. Nah, there's some other changes too.
4In the Clouds
5Higher Trance!
6The Final Hour This one has vocals but don't expect it to be put out. I'm too microphone shy.
7Boogie Protocol Except I'm not microphone shy-- it depends.
8Robot Revitalize You're welcome. (Bows)
9 Death A very easy project to do, probably because I didn't bother to minimize the repetition. Oh well.
10 Retribution D&B number 1.
11 Sync 4D D&B number 2. I think this was the song that got me a position in T-Games. I think I showed the LBP version to Bill and he was like "this stuff's good enough, manage U-Music." And now it's a legit song.
12 MSM Personally one of the greatest beats I've ever created. I had to have smoked something for this shooter music to come out, because damn.

I'm doing a remake album of my 2013-2014 music, and not remasters as those are different; here, I'm giving them updates or they're getting redone. Some of these songs have previously been shared with you guys before, especially Robot Revitalize ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Filter and Original Music Manufacturer were originally in Increase in Measurement, Robot Revitalize in an EP, and all the other projects were either uncompleted scraps that I never returned to until now, or finished songs getting redone for the sake of improvement. Insert "art is never finished" quote here.

Title Notes
Please Wait Very Com Truise-like.
Affectus I tried a lot more funk.
Spacelight Dream The project name, hpv.flp, notes how the "high production value" of the drum samples which is really just not electronic.
Aquarium Wolfgang Gartner-like.
Shifter (2016 Remake) This is postponed because for some reason the mix is awful and I've tried everything to make it work. However, unlike the 2014 redux, this version stays true to the 2013 original, and doesn't try to deviate much.
Tarbon (2016 Remake) This one is just to show off that an electric guitar can do the lead melody better than the original ever could.
Universe Has an unnatural rhythm.
North Electro.
Hope & Trust Apparently hard trance is better for a song I made in like 2013 on FL Studio Mobile, not drum and bass.
Time Rider Has Shifter's buildup snare, so that's nice.

Of course, then there are the others which don't actually belong to an album.

# Title

Did I mention I'm also doing a MIDI album?

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