Hey look, I have 1000+ edits on the wiki now, what-

I predict the blog title to be "When Skyton comes out, DD will have nothing done" before the release.

I did say I was using Visio, but I've never said how much I used it.

Basically, this is how the Skyton boots up:

Skyton Booting

I've gotten two of these kind of diagrams already, and I'm working on a third.

If you have no idea how that picture works or you're better at understanding words, allow me to elaborate.

The player enters the controlinator to turn the Skyton on. (Use as a terminal input tool, rather than toggles. If they exit, depending on the situation it either turns off or pauses.)

If the player is holding down L2+R2, they go to the boot menu, where they can choose between three modes; PCA, PCA-B, or TFL. PCA is the Skyton itself, PCA-B is the Tabis, and TFL is the Medius. In the Mounton, PCA-C is the Mounton interface. (Essentially, with all four options to choose from you can run Skyton content on the Mounton.)

If the buttons are otherwise not held down, the system checks itself to see if it's new. If that's the case, it runs the setup wizard, where the user can first go through the system settings beforehand.[1] The settings are exported to a memory card, so the installation doesn't need to be run twice and the player can save the card to their inventory.

If it's not new and has already been set up, (after it reboots) it'll load any custom apps that the player has installed.[2]

The menu launches, and that's the booting process of the Skyton.

Few things to note:

  1. The first time setup will be reminiscent of Windows XP. (I love it for that.) I mean, how could you say no to this? Or this?
  2. To clarify, there are three options of doing things visually on Skyton; there's the system apps, GoldToken games or images.

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