UPDATE: Parser functions allow for more than just this, read here.

Do you hate it when you have to manually update the month for a page?
Wish there was a faster option?

Introducing {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}, the syntax that will help you forever.
You can do the same with {{CURRENTTIME}}, {{CURRENTHOUR}}, {{CURRENTDAY}}, and {{CURRENTYEAR}}, to each pull their results!

Currenttime is also a valid syntax, but it outputs the number of the month, not the name. Example: 07.

Combined with Parser functions, this can solve the problem of the T-Picks and the Polls, for example, when you can't update it every month, so the wiki would do it automatically.

So, you can write the syntax to do something like: {{ {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}} Newsletter }} and it'll pull Template:July 2017 Newsletter. You can make the pages for each month ahead of time, so you don't have to always update the main page, like what I did with the news section; transcluded by template.

I discovered this the hard way; the syntax HAS TO BE CAPITALIZED, or else it won't work. So, now you can focus on whatever you were doing before and not have to reserve your time for something so simple.

Thank you for reading. Peace out.

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