"Solution? What solution?"
Read this.

After pondering over the wiki activity, I noticed Bill's edit to the main page and it got me thinking...

"Wait a minute, you shouldn't have to do that either..."

I looked up and tested some programming and sure enough,


Parser functions allow automatic actions to be taken by the server with a set of conditions.

Take Remembrance Day for example.

{{#ifexpr: {{CURRENTMONTH}} = 11 and {{CURRENTDAY}} = 11 | Lest we forget. | (don't show anything)}}

What does it output?

(don't show anything)

So basically this whole time, we could've had the server do simple things for us.

Now, we basically don't need to comment out banners and waste edits on the wiki if the banners are supposed to come out on certain dates.

MY GOD, THIS MAKES ME FEEL STUPID THAT I DIDN'T PUT IT IN EARLIER! And if the amount of banners is gonna be a hassle, we have the #switch function:

 | 4 1 = {{Easter Banner}}
 | 4 27 = {{Anniversary Banner}}
 | 10 31 = {{Halloween Banner}}
 | 11 11 = {{Remembrance Day Banner}}
 | 12 25 = {{Christmas Banner}}
 | }}

Moral of the story: A lazy person doing a hard job will find an easy way to do it. Guess Bill isn't lazy then.

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