Okay, where do I begin?

When I created the Medius, I felt opportunity where I failed and that's what gave the pause and tips feature.

Pause is actually essential to make a good console because then you can debug the games as they go along during development. I don't know why Bill didn't put it in at first, that was actually a feature that was needed.

But tips... why did I come up with that? Tips, to me now, is personally an awful feature that is of no help to the end user. Sure, you can put all the controls in it that way, but it's not a feature worth adapting to a powerful machine like the NeXT. Sure, for the Medius, my logic skills aren't spectacular. But as TVTropes says, if it's stupid but works, it's not stupid.

So as it turns out I will not be getting LittleBigPlanet 3 because interest for the game has faded within me. I won't lie, LBP1 was my first addiction. But now I can't play the PS3 because my dad's on the PS3 all the time, and we don't have the money to get a PS4. "What happened to the other PS3?" All the TV's are being used.

So, with that said, I'm confirming it: Skyton won't happen.

Bill and SP: 1
DD: 0

I'm sorry for all the hype. I'm really, really sorry that Skyton was promised and desired but never implemented. Of course, I'm still not joining T-Games because I can't stay updated with friends constantly. LBP almost ruined my life, and I can't go near it again just to do one more thing. That's like if I got rehab for alcohol, and just drank one more bottle afterwards. It might just suck me in again and my future could be destroyed for me.

"Do you just play games at all then? Even on PC?" My two desktops I have now (don't ask how I got them) are well over 4 years old; the closest thing I have to video games now is Minecraft, but I don't even play it that much.

If Skyton still interests you the way it did for me months ago, then make it. The ideas aren't patented or trademarked, and frankly if I'm not going to make it, it's not like anyone else can't.

It doesn't even need to have backwards compatibility with the Medius, it just needs to work easily. That's why I made the Medius. The design of the cartridges were simple and easy to make for anyone. It wasn't complicated.

I'm not forcing you guys to make it, but if Skyton was something that really had potential, that you could challenge...

...I'm not stopping you from making the Skyton yourself.

Future Team won't be a thing either, but I'm looking into the possibilities of making it a new name with the Future brand. Maybe there will be a team, and it could stay the same, but I'm just not social enough to form a team. I'll be closing the other wiki for this reason.

We'll see how things go. I'm not too entirely stressed about cancelling Skyton because I know it had a lot of potential, but I'm writing this from my laptop in my bedroom, far away from my PS3. I can't go back. Sorry.

P.S. No, this isn't my last contribution. I might post one final update in the future. It would be really lame if I just deleted Bill from Skype anyways because we do talk 3 times a year, and it's nice to have that one person who actually remembers my birthday.

But I do have one last thing to give to Bill.

When T-Radio existed, I made a stinger and it ended up being terrible because it was actually the kind you'd find in a production library, not a callsign release like Bill envisioned. When my Dad and I did a dump run (taking garbage to the local landfill), I noticed the radio station on SiriusXM (Electric Area) announced their callsign. Immediately, I knew what Bill really wanted. Instead of it being a radio thing, I gave him a lame clip where he had to dub it over with "You're listening to T-Radio".

So, this was what I should have made for him at that time. "Exclusive U-Music releases you won't find anywhere else; You're listening to T-Radio with Billy Anderson."

P.P.S. Because of being on my laptop a lot, I've finished 4 new songs, and finally, the mastering is not the worst thing your speakers or headphones would ever have to be tortured with. Please note some songs have not-perfect elements that may sound iffy, so I've marked those as Not Final. Download the MP3's if your internet is crap, and download the Waves if you're all about that pristine quality. I'll be taking them down once I've gotten reception on them.

P.P.P.S. Apparently there's a bit of a misconception. Let me clarify; I'm not saying you guys HAVE to make the Skyton as part of T-Games, I'm saying if you really liked its ideas, you can use them in your consoles. You don't have to make yet another console.

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