I don't think I told you guys that I made .4, but I did. It was 2014, and I was just about ready to show you guys, but then I got carried away with everything else in my life.

Pretty much everyone has a 0.0.3 copy at this point, but unique to this one is a git repository and a new, updated splash featuring a brand new logo that's simpler in my opinion. It also features the new T-Games logo. Yay for updated, modern stuff.

The git repository should be useful for development. If you don't know how to use git, that's fine; when you extract the code, just don't take out .gitignore nor the .git folder or else you'll have useless storage space taken up. The repository contains three branches, one for .3, one for some mashup of .4 and .5 I screwed accidentally (version control is way too difficult for me), and one called develop for .5. If you want to use git but are too afraid of the command-line, you can use GitHub's Windows program to interface with the repository if you have an account.

Even though I mention GitHub, Sapphire is not uploaded to it in any form, so calm down if you're worried about people being able to fork it.


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