So, here we are! Welcome to the first ever edition of the T-Games Newsletter!

The T-Games Newsletter is a monthly publication, which will be released on the 1st day of each month - containing loads of information about the month prior!

Rightio then, let's get started!

GameEx Anniversaries

GameEx started this month out by celebrating three anniversaries!

November 9th marked the 1 Year Anniversary of the NeXT Shadow and the NeXT Ubique, whilst also marking the 2 Year Anniversary of the GameExpo II!

For GameExpo II's special occasion, GameEx created a 2:31 minute long video as a tribute.

You can view the video (which was uploaded to T-Games' YouTube Channel) here.

'Lost' NeXTs Found

GameEx also had another spot of good news - as it was revealed that 4 potentially 'lost' NeXTs had been found in LittleBigPlanet.

The NeXT is an advanced media player in LittleBigPlanet that has been actively worked upon since its release on the 21st of August 2012.

Because it has been actively worked upon within that time, there have been many updates released for the NeXT. These updates do not occur as firmware updates, but instead come as seperate physical copies of the NeXT console itself.

Ever since the launch of T-Games Archives, T-Games has been archiving every edition of the NeXT - however, before that time, it was common to simply delete the outdated consoles. This resulted in many editions of the NeXT being lost from T-Games.

Recently, GameEx has managed to recover many 'Lost Editions' from Limited Edition Skins and donations from the Community. However - v1.1, v1.4, v1.6, v1.6r2 and v1.6.1 remained the only consoles not to be found...

Well, with many thanks to S.P. Sour and Chunky104, v1.1, v1.4 and v1.6r2 have been recovered! GameEx also stated that by using v1.6r2, they can easily create an exact replica of the thought-to-be-lost v1.6, too.

This means that there will then be only 1 version of the NeXT missing from the Archives, when just a few months ago it was more than half.

Dillon M. Leaves T-Games

On the 11th of November, T-Games lost a member - as it was announced by Dillon M that he would be leaving the team.

This came after much disagreement between several members.

Because Dillon was the 'owner' of SRKT Games (which hold the rights to the Transfield line - Medius and Skyton), the Transfield line was discontinued by T-Games on Saturday the 16th of November - following the removal of The Darkness Within's music from the U-Music Marketplace. SRKT Games also detatched itself from T-Games.

Even though Dillon was the U-Music Manager, U-Music (and T-Games) will still continue to function as normal.

Tremors Update

On the 18th of Novembver, Billy Anderson revealed plans for an upcoming 'Update' to the LittleBigPlanet level series 'Tremors'.

Not much was stated, other than GameEx would be having a role in the update.

More information about the Tremors Update will be released in December - hopefully the same month as the update itself.

GameExpo II 'Galaga' Released

During the month of November, S.P. Sour revived a previously thought-to-be-scrapped game from his Junkyard.

Galaga will be the first game to be released for the GameExpo II after the launch of GameExpo III, whilst also being partially developed in the time before the GameExpo III.

NeXT & NeXT Shadow v1.9 Released

On the 13th of November, GameEx released the v1.9 updates for the NeXT and NeXT Shadow.

Details about the update can be viewed within the Article 'The NeXT Generation'.

U-Music Updated Website to 'Solar'

On November the 16th, U-Music finally updated its website ( to Solar.

This comes nearly 2 months after T-Games went through the update itself.

The website also went through a complete design change, breaking away from the previous design that used to be shared with the T-Games Website.

And that's it for November!

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the T-Games Newsletter, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

(The news contained within this newsletter is not in chronological order - this will not be the case for the December Edition, and hopefully every edition after that)

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