Hey, it's the Newsletter :D

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the delays. As promised, here's January, February, and March's events! Some information is redundant due to time progression, like NeXT Supermassive Update events. They are marked with a * after the title and are included for archival purposes.

Chunky104 promoted to Team Desk

Chunky104 was promoted to the T-Games Team Desk in the position of Creative Director.

He is the 2nd T-Games member to earn the title, the first being SP_Sour.

Soundwave Discontinuation

GameEx's SoundWave was discontinued.

The SoundWave, GameEx's latest console line, was discontinued late February due to "NeXT Plans". These NeXT plans turned out to be the Supermassive Update, which is described in more detail later.


SP_Sour creates new T-Games studio titled 'GemWay'.

Due to concerns regarding T-Games regulations, Logan B. was required to create a studio name for his creations - and chose the name GemWay. Visit this blog post for more information.

GemWay data loss

In January, GemWay lost a large amount of data.

The incident occurred due to SP_Sour's PS3 unit crashing to the point of needing a hard drive formatting. Much could be restored via a backup from August of 2013, however enough was lost for it to be a tragedy of great proportions.

Lost items include:

-Much of the Fun Machine console archive

-The original Scarily Sentient levels 2, 3 and 4 (Gameplay levels 1 and 2 and cutscene 2)

-Countless game projects (including one completed but unreleased game)

-All Super Player content

New T-Games website design

The T-Games website underwent several design and theme changes during the course of March.

The update included new organisation revisions, new page layouts and a brand new wibbly-wobbly spacey-wacey background!

Trixel Partnership

T-Games announced partnership with a fellow gaming team.

Trixel Studios have similar ambitions to T-Games, and are also based on the LittleBigPlanet and PC platforms. The partnership will include co-operation and collaberated projects.

GameExpo III v1.0.3

GameExpo III v1.03 was released.

GameEx released the first update for GameExpo III this year. The update was only minor, and adjusted some cameras and fixed the Update Log.

GameExpo III v1.0.4

GameExpo III v1.04 was released.

Released shortly after the release of v1.0.3, GameEx released another minor update for the GameExpo III.

The update includes a sticker dispense, which was a toggle that would emit a prize bubble containing a lock sticker for the GameExpo hub. It is to be used to gain access to upper floors where GameExpo Classic and GameExpo II content can be obtained.

NeXT v2.1 announced*

GameEx announced an update for the NeXT that will really shake things up.

It is the biggest update ever conceived for the console, with many, many notable changes, too many to list here. This even includes a new logo for the console. With this update, the NeXT MP3's name will be changed to NeXT Audio.

Scarily Sentient work restart

Development on T-Games Adventure #2, Scarily Sentient, continued after major components of the series was lost due to the GemWay data loss.

The lost components have now been re-constructed, and progress on the rest of the series has taken place.

Evergreen Park teaser

Chunky104, the creator of the Evergreen Park series, released a teaser picture for a future Evergreen Park update in January.

It depicts the Memorizer icon arranged to resemble Sir Bubblesworth, the main antagonist of the series. It can be viewed on the official Evergreen Park website here. It hints that a new update is to come to the Evergreen Park series which features the Memorizer...

NeW NeXT levels published*

Two new levels were published on TardisBill's earth in LittleBigPlanet 2 for the NeXT Generation, only marked as “A NeW NeXT.”

It is unclear as to what these levels will hold at the moment, more information will be revealing in the coming weeks.

GameExpo II info found

GameEx recently found bucketloads of new data previously thought to be lost about the GameExpo II. The information contains the full Update Log for the GameExpo III, as well as the release dates for the GameExpo II Clear and GameWave II Clear consoles.

GemWay hits Cool Pages

GemWay recently published explaining the purpose behind the company. The level quickly went onto page 3 or so of  Cool Levels with about 45 plays ultimately. This lasted a few hours, and the level is no longer on the Cool Pages.

Site reaches 3rd highest unique views in a day

Recently the T-Games website hit the 3rd highest amount of visitors ever with over 90 unique page views. The higest amount unique views in a day for the T-Games website was achieved last year on the 21st of August 2013, and hit 137 unique views.

Quadratum anniversary

The Quadratum console, which was co-created by GameEx and PSN user robbit10, had its second anniversary on the 1st of March this year, with no official celebration on T-Games' part.

NeXT Supermassive Update level hits Cool Pages

A level published to promote the NeXT' Supermassive Update hit the Cool Pages in LittleBigPlanet 2.

The level gained astonishing amounts of plays very quickly, and resulted in the NeXT hub receiving many new plays as well. See this blog post for more information.

NeXT Supermassive Update released

The Supermassive Update for the NeXT Generation was released. The biggest update for the line in all its history, it included:

-Large updates to the NeXT, NeXT Ubique, and NeXT Audio

-Name changing of NeXT MP3 to NeXT Audio and NeXT Shadow to NeXT S

-Small update to NeXT S

-Launch of NeXT Basic (release form of Angel Cake), a new easy-to-use NeXT for beginners

-Launch of independent levels for NeXT Ubique and Audio

...and a bit more.

T-Bit acquires rights to T-Sapphire

In March, T-Games studio T-Bit acquired the rights to the T-Games Sapphire.

It has been stated that T-Bit is now beginning to expand outside of Minecraft, starting with getting the T-Games Sapphire, a web browser. It is hinted that an update may be in progress for it. See this blog post.

Well, there's that! Thanks for being patient.

We hope to see you NeXT month! ;)

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