In an upcoming overhaul to the T-Games team as a whole, the T-Games Network is going to be one of the most effected areas. The T-Games Network is changing - and so will your T-Games Network Account.

First of all - the T-Games Network is simply going to be re-branded to The Network, and will become a subscription service, instead of a registration service. Your 'account' will no longer be referenced as an account, but simply your 'subscription information'. Don't worry - you won't need to constantly renew your subscription. Subscribing and unsubscribing from The Network is exactly the same as Registering and deactivating your T-Games Network Account.

Offers and promotions will still be available as they always have been through the platform, however the T-Tokens service will not. Once the new overhaul takes place, the T-Tokens service will be discontinued. This means that you will no longer have a T-Tokens balance, and the T-Token Store will be shut down. The reason why we have decided to make this change is because we have decided to replace it with a new system titled T-Chest.

New and Exclusive items and promotions will be made available via the T-Chest every month to subscribers of The Network. This gives subscribers a chance to earn more exclusive content. We are also scrapping Premium Memberships - meaning all The Network subscribers have equal opportunities to Exclusive Content, Betas, etc.

So, the changes that will be made to your account:

  • Your 'Account' will be turned into a 'Subscription'
  • You will be given new exclusive T-Games content every month via the T-Chest system
  • Your T-Tokens and Premium Membership will expire, as the T-Token Service will be discontinued

Any questions? Ask them via our Twitter!

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