The T-Games Archives regret to inform you that a considerable amount of data was wiped from the T-Games Archives on Friday the 13th of June 2014 concerning minecraft data.

All screenshots of minecraft creations were wiped - including all original T-Games Store photos from, the T-Games Torasko Jungle Village on, the T-Games Enterprise pictures, the T-Games ArcAngle plaza pictures and many, many more. The level containing the original concept for the T-Games Enterprise was lost, too. This is a considerable amount of data to be lost as, for many of the creations, the screenshots were the only things that remained.

Thankfully, by using the T-Games website, many of the pictures have been recovered - including some of the T-Games Store, T-Games Enterprise and T-Games Torasko Jungle Village pictures. Only one of the T-Games ArcAngel plaza photos remain though, and the original T-Games Enterprise concept has been lost, too. The only photo remaining of the T-Games ArcAngel plaza is an extremely outdated one, and can be seen here.

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