On the 13th of December 2013, T-Games will be (for the first time over a year) spreading onto another platform.

This platform will be Rockstar Games' Social Club.

Rockstar Games' Social Club is a platform that is available on many Rockstar Games games - including Grand Theft Auto Online, Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption.

Following its recent update, GTA Online allows users to create their own in-game races, missions, team deathmatches and more. Since we at T-Games enjoy all forms of creativity and sharing creations with others, we thought this to be an idealic platform for T-Games.

Social Club also has it's own Network system called 'Crews'. Crews allow for an unlimited amount of players to join and work together to create unlocks for themselves and others that would otherwise be unavailable to people outside of Crews.

As of the 13th of December 2013, T-Games will be launching its own Crew on the Social Club platform - meaning that any gamers (PS3, PC, 360, PS4, Xbox One, PSP, DS, iOS, Android) on any Social Club supported Rockstar Game (GTA Online, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, or just the Social Club platform itself) will be able to join the crew, and work together to complete challenges and earn themselves unlocks.

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