Usually with T-Games NeXT updates, the NeXT recieves it, and the NeXT Shadow follows behind - deciding which features to remove, and which features to keep to maintain the light-weight design.

v1.9 will be different.

v1.9 focusses more on the NeXT Shadow itself, and the (almost) new Operating System IceOS.

Those of you that have seen v1.7 will understand what IceOS will become. IceOS will be the Operating System of the NeXT itself.

"But there was no Operating System in v1.7?"

Well, boot up your NeXT. You'll get the welcoming screen, the welcoming message, and then you're introduced to the NeXT Menu. All of this (the boot up, the menu, etc) is what IceOS will be; and that right there is what the NeXT Shadow lacks (again, to save thermometre space).

In v1.9, players will be able to Install IceOS directly onto their NeXT Shadow. This is accomplished when the player places the IceOS Install Disk (a modified T-Games NeXT Accessory) near a NeXT Shadow. The Accessory will automatically attatch itself to the Shadow, and take over. The Install Disk will not work for the Original NeXT, NeXT MP3 or NeXT Ubique.

In effect, the Accessory just installed IceOS onto the Shadow. However, in reality, the Accessory just completely shut down the NeXT Shadow, and instead uses the basic on/off signals from the Shadow to create a virtual IceOS experience. If the Accessory is then removed, IceOS will (in effect) un-install itself, and the NeXT Shadow will operate as it normally would without it.

This also means that, if IceOS were to be updated, instead of getting a new Console (like you would have to with the Original NeXT, as IceOS comes intergrated into the Engine), you would just need to get a new IceOS Accessory.

The IceOS Install Disk does not use the Accessory slot that was introduced in v1.5, meaning that users can still use their existing Accessorys without compatibility issues. Instead the IceOS Install Disk uses a new slot (that as of now is only situated NeXT Shadow) called 'IceOS Accessory'. To prevent future complications and compatibility issues, this slot is intended for use only by T-Games, as the already existing Accessory Slot is there for if the community wish to create modifications of their own. 

v1.9 also brings to the NeXT Shadow a completely new theme. It now consists mostly of glass coloured white, and the logic on the console has been coloured white, too. This, in many ways, makes the NeXT Shadow feel more as if it is a part of The NeXT Generation family; as it seems to fit in easer with the blue-on-white themes that the other Consoles (NeXT, NeXT Ubique & NeXT MP3) use. It also ports over the Full-Screen Mode and 'Disable Folder Music' features from the NeXT.

For the (original) NeXT, the v1.9 update consists of the Menu having a new 'IceOS' logo in the top right corner, the contents of the M Chip being re-organised, the migration of the Tips Direct-Control shortcut (as it cannot be achieved due to the using of the popit), a self-destruct feature added to the 'System Settings and Other Options' section, the 'Join Game' options merged into one option, and moving that option to the 'Console Settings + Other Options' section, added 'Search for Joinable Game' to the NeXT Menu, moved 'Music Settings' to be on the outside of the Console, above the Memory Card slot. Also, the issue with the Menu and Join Game regarding emitting has now been fixed.

v1.9 is due to be published either Friday the 8th of October at 16:00GMT, or Tuesday the 12th of October at 18-19:00GMT. After that, development on NeXT Ubique v1.2 will begin - and it will bring along many features from NeXT v1.6-v1.9, including the new IceOS MaX... Guess what that is ;)

- GameEx

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