T-Games is doing something for the community.

We're provining help, assistance and guidance.

We're providing Support.

Say hello to C:\Support

So, what exactly is C:\Support?

C:\Support is a new subscription service in LittleBigPlanet that provides support, assistance and guidance to Consoles, Creators, Levels and Creations.

How does C:\Support work?

C:\Support will be available to some T-VIP Members, all 2nd Party T-Games Developers and Consoles[1] inspired by T-Games at no cost, whilst only costing a small amount of T-Tokens for a subscription to everyone else.

Once a Creation has been accepted for C:\Support, the Creation will be advertised within Official T-Games Levels (such as T-Games Console Hubs, Music Maker, The Welcome Deck, and more).

The Creator is then expected to return the favor to T-Games, by advertsing T-Games in the Level/Console/Creation[2] in question.

T-Games. Supporting the Community since 2011.

View the C:\Support Wiki Article here.

  1. Only Consoles, not Levels or other Creations
  2. If the Creation/Console that has been accepted for C:\Support is given away in a level, T-Games is expected to be advertised there, too

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