GameEx has some pretty exciting plans for The NeXT Generation, due Late January-Late February.

New Console

The first is the arrival of a new console - which currently has the development name 'Angel Cake' (this will not be the name of the final product).

Angel Cake aims to bring simplicity to the NeXT Generation, as it is inspired by GameEx's first creation, the GameExpo II. Angel Cake is not a successor to the NeXT, but rather, a NeXT aimed towards less-logically advanced people in LittleBigPlanet 2. The NeXT and Angel Cake will be 100% compatible with eachother - however, Angel Cake's Folders will not be multi-media, like the NeXT - but rather single-media like the GameExpo and SoundWave, for ease-of-use.

New Names

Soon, some of the consoles within the NeXT line will be re-branded.

Current Name New Name
NeXT Ubique NeXT MaX
NeXT Shadow NeXT S

Name changes for the NeXT MP3 are also being considered.

New Updates

The Two-For-One update is planned to arrive late February, and consists of NeXT Ubique v1.2, and NeXT v2.1.

NeXT Ubique v1.2 plans to bring lots of features, such as IceOS MaX to the Ubique. IceOS MaX is a big-screen version of the current IceOS Operating System seen on the NeXT and NeXT Shadow (via the NeXT Shadow Install Disk).

NeXT v2.1 plans to bring many features also, such as support for an also planned 'Wireless HDD'. The NeXT will be able to connect to the Wireless HDD, and be able to access and download folders from it - of which it can store 8.

New Content

GameEx are also planning to release a new 'DC Comics Premium Level Kit: Soundtrack' to the NeXT, and a new Air Hockey Game, which is currently under development for both the NeXT and NeXT Ubique.

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