Hello! We've been very busy behind-the-scenes and am happy to announce lots of new changes coming to T-Games in the coming weeks! First of all, the most major change is the introduction of a new design scheme. Although logos have changed since 2011, our design scheme has kept to being black, white and blue... however, that is all about to change!

The new design scheme,Spectrum, incorporates all colours of the rainbow, in order to promote themes of fun, diversity and acceptance. You can view the new logo, as well as the new logo for the T-Games Wiki below:

Multicolour 1
T-Games Wiki

With this new design change is a major update to the T-Games website. That's right - not only are the background and logos changing all over the site, but the whole thing is getting a major re-sorting! The basic theme will remain the same (i.e. the navigation bar style and main page is remaining white and the style that they are in currently).

A major new addition is that of the 'Downloads' section - whereby we will allow users to download Music, Minecraft Skins and Level Kits - that's right, we're now putting together our own level kits to give away to the community!

A new 'About Us' section will be added - providing an introduction to T-Games and what we do. Under the 'Our Content' section will be a new 'Upcoming Projects' section that showcases our major upcoming projects, via descriptions, photos and videos.

You may have noticed that it was stated that under the 'Downloads' section users will be able to download music. This comes as another major change to T-Games - U-Music is being disbanded. Both the Weebly website and Bandcamp site will be shutting down, and all music will be moving to the 'T-Games Music' section on the T-Games website, and will be available to download straight from the T-Games website itself.

In the mean time, various images from the T-Games may start to disappear or change - this is because, within the site editor itself, the website has already gone through these changes and as a result the current site that is online may experience some issues.

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