Today, T-Games Archives have been able to confirm that it is possible that 4 editions of the NeXT that were thought to be lost forever have been found.

Before today, it was previously thought by GameEx that the v1.1, v1.4, v1.6, v1.6r2 and v1.6.1 editions of the NeXT had been lost forever. However, today it has been revealed that it is possible that v1.1, v1.4, and v1.6r2 have been found, meaning that v1.6 and v1.6.1 would be the only editions of the NeXT to remain missing.

GameEx also stated that if they do indeed recieve v1.6r2, then it would be possible to create an exact reconstruction of v1.6, meaning that they would then be able to add v1.6 to the archives, too.

So, if all goes to plan, it would mean that after just 3 months of GameEx archiving their consoles, 7 NeXT Consoles (that were thought to be lost forever) would now be stored in the archives.

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