I am currently making a Quinsystem game called Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Shadows. It will hopefully be able to work with all the consoles on the cartridge. Here is what the game will be like on each console:

What each game will be like
GameExpo (released!) Stop the baddies from getting to the castle
NeXT Same thing, but with trophies
Fun Machine Try to avoid the enemies
Quadratum Get into the castle
Ignis II Defeat all the enemies

I don't know how people will play it on the Quadratum, but it's on the cartridge so I'll make it. Maybe it'll be played with the Quadratum adapter. Anyway, I've only got it to work on the GameExpo, but I've made the game on the Next and Fun Machine too. So I hope you like my idea!

(Note: currently requires Sonic the Hedgehog DLC pack

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