This won't nearly be as long as the original post, and it'll contain more pictures and less topics. But yeah. {NOTE: IMPORTANT STUFF YOU COULD SKIP OFUR IS BOLDED AND UNDERLINED.}

FM v2.4

Yeah, this finally happened. It contained a few things: A new Lock feature, two new Sentience phrases, a new screen brightness option, the adding of some stickers to the dashboard, some minor tweaks to the menu (one of which resulted in a bug on the main screen ://), and other crap I don't remember but will probably add in later to this post. Pics:


The appearance as of the update.


Oh yeah, and this happened.

Oh yeah, and the picture on the right is the icon for a cartridge that was released with it. It's a collection of some neat programs that aren't really games, but are worth checking out. First is a color picker, which lets you create really like any color by mixing and matching red, green, and blue. (As is frequently referenced, I'm a firm believer in the RGB color model.) Next is a miniature Photoshop. Mew can pretty much just adjust the temperature of the photo and add lit areas. The lighting honestly isn't that good, which is a shame because I kinda made the hologram a bit too dark. Last is a full remake of Music Maker v6, putting in everything but the Capture thing which I easily would've allocated to L1 (the last remaining trigger that wasn't already in use). It's a lot easier to use, in fact. Maybe go pick it up.

Pawlso in this update, Flappy Bird for the FM was released. It's the first game to be by a real third-party developer(where the console developer calls on them to make the game or vice versa[?]), TheApeCatcher, and licensed for distribution in the console hub. This is a milestone in FM history and LBP console history! Granted, Behemoth asked me once to make a game for the Ignis' birthday, and if I'd done that then that would've been the first one. 

New FM Caption Pic

I made a new pic to commemorate 4/13. It was a little late, and most people get the idea wrong, but I like it.

Se vriska

Nobody will get this.

I really do way too many HS references. Pick up the caption pic (and others) here. (Note the creator GemWayFunMachine. Add on PSN if you like.)

New Bubblesworth Caption Pic

That's a thing now. Chunky and I had the idea to do those. Hope he makes more.


Look familiar?

I figured that one would make a good transition into the series. Ideally we could do these with other T-Games original characters, but the last one left is 001 and he's not really good at fun things.

Bill's Wiki Inactivity

You may have noticed this. This is because his PC isn't working very well and needs repairs. (Even though it's like less than a year old! Like, 3/4 of one!)

New Game Stuff!

I'm back into making games again! First up here is Racetrack Training, a driving sim for the FM and NeXT. It's surprisingly good! The track renders turns with some new technology I developed. Gameplay consists of driving on the road and trying to stay on it. Turns require slowing down (like irl) and you get points for staying on the road at a fast pace(speed at 80% or more). Just so you know, I made the NeXT version first. Screenshots below.


The screen resolution allows for better track rendering but less horizontal room for the player to veer off into.


Look at those graphics. Pawsome.

NeXT version at left, FM version at right. Each version has pros and cons in comparison, but they pretty much balance out. I made original music for this game, and it sounds pretty good, but the beat was inspired by a track from Super Mario Kart (SNES). I usually suck crap at original music.

Also, I've started redoing Root Beer Tapper, one of my early NeXT games that sucks. I have the music and some graphics done. It'll be pretty good if all goes well. Today I uploaded this teaser pic.

SS Progress

I have it mostly done, I've finished CS7. Note there's like 12 episodes or something, but GP6 is the gift shop and the episodes get a little shorter after CS7.

New T-Games Service

I today had the genius idea to start this new service. It's basically a game making lessons class mew can take, held by me. Bill came up with the pricing. First 3 lessons free, efurry 2 after cost 1T. I kinda wanted it to be more expensive (like 3T for 5 lessons), but Bill wanted to "appeal to more people" because "other people could offer the same thing" even though nobody would or even could do that. It's still in the planning stage atm, but this will purrobably change quickly.

New GemWay Contest

Not gonna retype this all. Just watch this. (As you can infer, only people outside the team [including interns] can enter.)

Minor(?) Notes

First thing: Due to circumstances I won't bother explaining, I'm suddenly addicted to cat puns. I tried to keep it to a minimum on this page. ://

Second thing: Since Steam frequently causes problems (effects ranging from minor disappointments to very furustrating inconveniences), I'm currently in the process of getting members of T-Games to try another chat client called Pesterchum. It fixes pretty much all the stuff Steam lacks (not saving conversations, ridiculous accessibility bugs, needing special privileges to invite people to group chats [although on PC they use "memos" instead], a lack of emotes, taking forever to set up for new users, etc.) and even adds lots of new features. (Note: I have noticed that it doesn't give you an indicator of whether or not the other person is typing, but that isn't too bad a thing to lose.) Almost all of the team has it now. I've even made a handle (account/name) for the FM, mainly to be used for craps and giggles in T-Games group chats. Pick it up here. (Note: You should eventually infer as to how I came to find the program. Let it be on the record that I legitimately like this as a program, I'm not that biased.)

Everyone's handles:

  • Dark's:     hollowStargazer     [HS]
  • Mine:        secretPooka          [SP]
  • The FM's: flippantlyMalicious [FM]
  • Mario's:    mariotheDerp        [MD]
  • Chunky's: theChunkinator     [TC]
  • FC's:        fearsomeClarinet  [FC]
  • Bill's:        billehBob               [BB]
  • Lion's:      theTrollzama         [TT]

So the last people in the team who don't have it are Crusher, who didn't even get Steam, and Zeus, who isn't active and doesn't do anything and refuses contact with me I think and I don't really like him that much anyway. Plus the interns, who technically aren't full members.

That's it for now. I think there was more stuff, but what the heck. It probably wasn't that important.

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