Ok. You guys have been making short blog posts for the most important things, and long blog posts for off-topic stuff. Not saying that's bad, but, I haven't been making any blog posts! Crap! I'm just gonna post on anything that comes to mind.

On Dark II becoming CEO: I actually had hopes for me being the new CEO. Stupid, I know. Well, Dark II better be great or else I will facepalm at both him for not doing his job and Bill for picking him to be CEO. Go Dark II!

On the Skyton: At first I thought it was a terrible idea. We have enough consoles out already, even inside of T-Games. I mean, the Medius not only had just been released, but all the Skyton's stuff could just be added in updates, which were already much-needed - the Medius contained Move DLC, and it wasn't updated for Solar. The Cheats/Hacks toolkit wasn't even started. But then I saw that there was just so much to supposedly be added, that making a new console was justified.

On me being promoted: I appreciate it, and I want to do all I can to prove that I've earned it. I wish I was a Creative Director though...

On Tremors and Scarily Sentient: Tremors was pretty good. A little short though. Scarily Sentient is currently being written and created simultaneously. I added the NeXT in the storyline, too, so that the whole thing wouldn't just seem like one big FM ad (or anti-propoganda, depending on how you see it). Behemoth451 says he likes the prerelease cutscene better than Tremors, so that's a good sign. (For me, anyways.)

On people's problems: If you have a problem, imagine Jim Gaffigan putting it into a skit. If you laugh, it's not too big of a deal.

On the US government going on a hiatus for Obamacare: Laugh all you want, guys. I actually think it's pretty funny too.

On DD and that curvy girl in his English class: Just make a move, man! Are you even regular friends? (UPDATE: Before I finished this post, he came out and said he no longer respects her and she's going out with some dude with a cool robot voice. So never mind.)

On my Gunpla Real Grade set that I won: It's day 15 for Gunpla arrival, with day 1 being the predicted date. I'm getting nervous. Edit: They've arrived!

On the GameExpo III: I know the community asked for it, but that doesn't mean you have to rush...seriously, it's the new Quadratum 1.5.

On my game development: I'm sorry I haven't released a lot lately. Most of my worktime goes to the Fun Machine and Scarily Sentient, so I don't work on games often. When I do make games, they're Fun Machine games, because a) it has a very convenient screen size b) I know all the ins and outs of it and c) I want to expand its library. Since all of my NeXT games were made early and FM games late, I have unintentionally given one console a mediocre-to-crap library and the other an awesome one. I know, I know, my stuff doesn't represent the whole library, but be honest - Crusher and I are the only ones who consistently have made games that aren't Pong, Breakout, or Block Drop, and Crusher hasn't made anything in a while. (Actually, more like released in a while - I've found out that he has tons and tons of unannounced, unfinished projects, like I do.) So I guess it's like I control the market...nyeh heh heh...

On me and school stuff: I have to do twice as much math because not only am I in the regular Algebra, but I'm also in a special Geometry group for the most advanced of kids. I am literally one of 5 people in it excepting the teacher. Also, I just finished a science project, so I have a while until my next monthly project. I seriously had a whole month to do it, and I did it mostly on the night before. When I got asked during my presentation, "How long did it take you to make?" My answer was "Yesterday." I'm starting to think Bill and I have the same work ethic. (*cough* FREAKING TREMORS *cough*)

On my retrogaming stuff: Sorry, nothing new since SacAnime. I'm getting pretty good at Burgertime though.

On Fun Machine development: I don't have any new ideas, so I haven't done anything for it since the Mini Update. If you have any suggestions, please tell.

On "fanmake" console development: Didn't think I still worked on these, did you? Yeah, I've been making little improvements here and there. Nothing big, except the GameExpo Go. I just improved it a ton in a newly released update.

On accessory development: No new ideas or possible improvements.

On easter eggs (I didn't forget!): In the new Fun Machine hub, you can get the usual corrupt cartridge from a pink trash can at the left at the start. Also, if you go to the three squares just after the Mini Machine, you can access a secret area by standing in front of the green one for 5-10 seconds. Maybe it was 15-20? No, probably not. Also, in the Accessories and Consoles hub, you can get a corrupt Accessory from a trash can. Same thing for the Games hub, but with a corrupt game. Also, in "Scarily Sentient" Gameplay 1 Episode 2, if you go to the are where the collectables are, most of the collectables cannot even be seen much less collected, because the extra floors have toppled over, but one prize bubble remains - the one for the console itself. However, it won't get you the 2.1, but it actually contains the v1.0. (Yes, I finally got ahold of one complete with description!)

Ok, that's all for now. You're, the best player reader, evar! (Yep, I remembered that too. CD-i references.)

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