Remember when Kowan011 pirated the NeXT and everything? He did it again but with the Fun Machine.

It has a marquee even, and not just a regular nameplate, either, but it's a specific accessory and even uses the same dominance idea and logic. Plus a Selector controls Next and Previous. The Settings chip is named "Settings and Stuff" with a chip named "Complex" inside. In there is every single Fun Machine Complex Setting except for the startup one. The same logic for those too. The manual even steals everything from the Fun Machine's manual! Luckily, not everything from the Fun Machine was put onto the ripoff, which is poorly done anyways.

And here's a part DD will be mad about too - he's using the name Skyton for the console and GoldToken for the cartridges. Yep. So it's like he stole two consoles.

The only original aspects (meaning he made it himself) are the core logic, N/P, the Controlinator lights, (which are actually quite cool,) and Shuffle's logic, which is probably pirated too but I can't remember what it's from.

I think he's taken down the level by now - I can't seem to find it on

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