It's that time! One week after Scarily Sentient is released, the FM can retire to nonsupport and the Super(ior) Player can reign as the crowning GemWay Gem. This will take a lot of remaking - but I built it all once, right? I can do it again. SS got rebuilt pretty fast, and that was a level series, albeit an incomplete one! Launch games will be the Super Player Collection of Cliche` Games (Pong, Breakout, Quad-Pong, and one other game I can't remember), the Super Player Collection of Deluxe Games(LoZS super-remastered, Balloon Trip, Racing 112 fixed, Gold Digger, SMB[sm], and omne mre I can't remember), and Slots, a slot machine game. Oh yeah, and a certain famous easter egg. Bill, don't put the FM in the cancellation list until I have a date. I don't know of what else I should say, so if you have any questions, ask.

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