Yes it has only been one week. I don't know why I am so excited to do things. Anyway:

Today I updated the console to v1.1 (YES ALREADY) and released 2 games. The games are 3D Pong and Jump Walls. 3D Pong is just that. 2 people play as the ball bounces in literally 3 dimensions. Jump Walls is a simple game where you are a square and jump from wall to wall to avoid red squares. It is inspired by similar phone apps.

v1.1 included:

-Added front\back borders for the console

-Added opening image (I think?)

-Fixed Skip Opening Credits

-Cartridge: fixed Soundtrack Only

-Cartridge: Added Update Log

-Cartridge: Did something else I think?

I've also been creating a lot of stuff just to implement in later - writing Sentience dialogue, making the enclosed instruction book, making menu stuff, etc. Is that weird?

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