Hi, I'm making an announcement that was first made to Bill yesterday.

The teaser pic. It didn't pass the FC test.

I...I have a backup plan in case the Fun Machine fails for some reason. Like, if I try to make a connect-to-the-internet thing thinking "I coulda done it better." It's called...


The logo.



Yeah, I've been keeping it a secret for a few weeks or so now. I've finished Next/Previous, Auto-Attach, the console design and icons, and most of the engine and cartridge. I've uploaded some of the icons to LBP. The console's color scheme is yellow with dark blue.


Like it?

I've had a great time creating the design, name, tunes, and everything, and I've even found some previously unthought of technology doing so.  The cartridge is the most ingenious design I've seen! It even has a unique but usable shape, as shown.

Everything so far.

I'm not announcing it on LBP until it seems the FM is in dire circumstance - which won't happen for a while, I'm sure. I don't want to add another console to LBP unless one is taken away first.

I'm glad I got to do it. The FM's crude 1.0 extremely limited its development, and I don't like how it was named after a preexisting thing, and the logo isn't in grid, and the screen could've been bigger...the list goes on. 

Remember that unusual Move seat design the FM uses? The SP's Move seats will fit comfortably under the regular Controlinators, as you can see in that picture. Also, I found a way to control Next and Previous's activation so that both can't be activated at once without using a Selector. I even found a way to add in lights without them being inconvenient, and to make lots of room for settings on the sides.

Ok, that's all the info for now. Any questions, ask.

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