Hey people who are probably just Bill! In case you don't follow my personal blog, here's the lowdown: I like building Gunpla, and recently, I won a set of the first 11 Real Grade Gunpla models in a thing (the official Gundam news and video portal!) was holding called the "Gundam Midyear Campaign" where you could enter a code from buying certain Gunpla sets or any set in certain places to enter the contest. Once entered, you had to take a survey and then choose which prize drawing to enter. I chose the Real Grade set (it said that 88 people would receive it by the way), and later got a "you have won, congrats"-type email from It said that my set would be delivered on the day Hiroshi Yamauchi died or later. (Funny [well, not humorous funny {death is never nice, except Hitler's}, more weird funny] how both those dates coincided with days relating to death. [Veterans' Day isn't about death, but Remembrance Day is.]) Well, it finally came, like 2 months later! My parents were actually concerned that it wouldn't ever arrive. Here's a pic of all 11 stacked up:

All sets stack

All 11 boxes stacked up in 2 piles.

Sorry about the picture quality, the only camera I have that can output to a computer (my DSi's pictures cannot be transferred to an SD card, I think) is my 3DS.

I've started on the RX-78-2 model, but I'm stuck on step 01-3, picture 3 of the leg unit. It says to put two pieces together, but I can't because, well, it's physically impossible. Ever heard the saying about trying to put a square peg in a round hole? Well, I'm supposed to be putting a square peg in a square peg. I've already checked the usuals: yes I used the right pieces, yes I didn't skip any steps. Seriously.

EDIT: I got past the step. Turns out I didn't do step 01-1, which involved removing a little thingy that was inserted in a piece, turning it from a square peg to a square hole. I just needed an English translation of the instructions page to figure it out. I've completed the whole model. Half of the time it took was probably adding the decals. There were like, 120+. /edit

Read the whole blog post (on my regular blog) here.

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