Today is Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks and remember when the natives had dinner or something with the Pilgrims. Since that was an event happening in America (albeit during the colonial times), I'm pretty sure it's a US-only holiday. (Maybe they have something comparable in place of it, like Veterans' Day vs. Remembrance Day.) It's celebrated on the last Thursday of November yearly. Usually a big ol' feast takes place at dinnertime. Family are invited.

Hilariously, and ironically, the very day after is Black Friday (name origin unknown[ to me]), a day where everything at retail is sold at ridiclously low prices. Yeah, day after you learn to be thankful for what you do have, you scramble to buy all you can. There's midnight campouts, pepper spray duels, fistfights, and more :P

Also - Can't wait for the first edition of the T-Games Newsletter!! :D

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