Today, I published the GemWay introduction level,  explaining what GemWay is and stuff. A few people all played it in a hsort timeframe, getting it to a low Cool level. Then, since it was there, more and more people started playing and eventually got to page 3 of Cool Levels, including LBP1 levels. Like, it already has 19 plays and I just published a few hours ago. So, this is technically out, although a glitch or something prevents the cutscene from collecting the prize, which is a lame thing to happen.

Also: I made this in the hopes of using it for a certain Homestuck image manip thing reference. (Here's an example of it: -----  4th post, can't miss it.) Unrelatedly, I got back to work on SS, and completely finished the first gameplay level (the one in a messed-up FM hub). This is during the junk-falls-down scene. The text jumps up and down just like in the thing. I made some constructive edit so the level, they definitely improve on the previous version.

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