Hi, this is SP telling you something. All of my products have previously been marketed under my name, but now they will be marketed under the 'Studio' name GemWay. (Name origin for those who are interested: The name GameWHY was originally considered and was badly wanted, but after a long debate, was ruled out by Bill and the jury along with just using my name like always. Then, other names that were anagrams were suggested [whemgay, whagmey, hagmewy, ymeghaw, megahwy, gewyham, gemwhay] along with mixtures of those [like GemHam, which was dicussed for a while]. Finally, GemWay was produced by taking an 'H' out of 'GemWhay,' one of the anagrams.)

There were some marketing/advertisement ideas during the chat in which the name was coined, including:

S. P. Sour: GemWay is the only way
BillyAnderson9: maybe
BillyAnderson9: replace only
BillyAnderson9: with best
BillyAnderson9: for your advertising
BillyAnderson9: GameEx is like your ex..
S. P. Sour: Yeah
BillyAnderson9: A PLAYAAA
S. P. Sour: The route of the magnificent!
BillyAnderson9: GemWay
BillyAnderson9: sure
darkparallel: "Which way would you do it?"
darkparallel: "Only the GemWay"
BillyAnderson9: xD
darkparallel: *flashes smile, turn's to camera*
S. P. Sour: *turns
S. P. Sour: Turn is to camera.
BillyAnderson9: *film cuts*
BillyAnderson9: (it uses film because it's form the 80s)
S. P. Sour: *from Yeah, that's brilliant, I'm so picking GemWay
BillyAnderson9: Wait
S. P. Sour: It sounds cool and it's not Fun Machi
darkparallel: I know
BillyAnderson9: that 80's style thing is so fitting
BillyAnderson9: xXD
darkparallel: I noticed and was about to correct it
BillyAnderson9: Considering you mostly re-create games from that era
S. P. Sour: Yeah, given the nature of a lot of my games

GemWay will have its own logo, but products will continue to use the (S) logo if anything. If more info comes up, I'll edit this post.

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