SoOoOoOoO. My PS3 is fixed! I can do real work now. I've already started! I've started a new game purroject, an FM port of 10-in-1 Arcade Collection (Gamelion), and I'm gonna impurrove the WIP of SS. Like, that air bubble thing in GP2. Gonna add that.

Additionally: I just today found out about another nice LBP gaming team, Moons in Motion! That's nice and all, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: By a completely unrelated series of events(not even sarcastic here, this is hecksa coincidence man) I'm now furiends with MIMECH2, a co-leader of the team! More than I can say fur Trixel, which is funny beclaws we're supposed to be partners.

Pawlso: SBaHC. Should it be public/official? Someone advise me.

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