Fun Machine v2.0 is in beta! I've added support for a Move Accessory with Movinators and a special Move Menu with point-and-click controls and Sticker Panel menus, just like I promised. It takes up 13 notes in the Update Log, although a lot of that is fixes and tweaks.

That doesn't mean it's smaller than it sounds - a special interactive Sentience phrase called "The Duck Joke" by me, more regular Sentience stuff added, a new Sentience thing where the machine reacts to projectiles and water. Also, I added another Sentience feature that will make you think twice about using Strangely Sentient. The new feature takes up a whole giant chip on the main board and has control over the On/Off chip. Like the toggle has to go through the Sentience E*** (name partially redacted) chip before the On/Off chip. That new feature is the reason the FM's engine changed from 'Standard' to 'Multi-Gateway Dual-Engine [Standard/Multi-Gateway Dual-Engine [Standard/Auto-Fixed],' which is pretty much the longest engine type in LBP console history. (I love the Sentience feature!) 

I've even developed support for a new remote-control accessory that, unlike every other Remote-Control accessory, the remote itself can be turned on and off, and the remote-control works on different channels, like some real-life remote-control stuff does. You can choose from 8 different channels to transmit from, and the FM you control must be set to that channel. It'll be officially released on the 20th. It's the second LBP console I know of to be in or past its v2.0!

Every T-Games member has received a code by PSN to use in my new Lockbox level to receive the beta stuff, except for Zeus and Lion because 1) they aren't on my PSN friends list and 2) they don't really care about anything I do anyway. Bill, please forward the message to them if you want.

Also, with v2.0 comes a new Fun Machine console - the Mini Machine! It's a Fun Machine designed for use in places where space and thermo are precious. It's compatible with U2UC and wireless control yet manages to take up 1/2 to 1/4 as much thermo.

(EDIT: It's all been released. Go get the stuff. Also, for people who don't understand all this stuff, an instruction manual has been released thoroughly detailing how to use the console itself, how to program a cartridge, using the accessories, and more. I showed FearsomeClarinet and he says that 'it actually explains' unlike some other T-Games instructions things.)

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