You all might know my console, the Fun Machine, the one that used to be super buggy and lame and not even in grid. Now, it's awesome, lots of original stuff, built-in games, a marquee, even its own hub. At the moment, the stuff to collect there is at the hub is the console, a blank cartridge, a blank marquee, a screen placeholder, a compilation cartridge of 3 of my GE3 launch games plus 1P, 2P 3P, and 4P versions of Quad-Pong, a game called Secret Collect, a Balloon Trip game, a rock-paper-scissors game, the manual, a remote control, a set of Movinators with or without the menu, a shirt, the Mini Machine (a Fun Machine with lots of stuff removed to save space), and a certain traditional easter egg ("Dear Midway..." wonder what that's referring to... ). The hub's main colors periodically change between primary pink with secondary green, primary gray with secondary white, and primary green with secondary pink. A new game is currently in development for it.

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