Um, I usually don't make posts for updates, but this is one like the Mini Update where a million things are all being updated. It's in the Lockbox now. If you want the code, it's the same as the one for the 2.0 beta, but if you n't have that, then I sent you a message. It went out to every member of T-Games plus Chunky's Edd account, TGamesOfficial, and TGamesTwo. Just to be safe. So, here's the lowdown on what's included:

(EDIT: It's all out now. None of you did anything about it at all.)

FM v2.2:

Evil Sentience now can change two Selector-based settings and it blocks control of Next/Previous and the 


When no cartridge is inserted.

Settings Wings. The Settings Wings are now made of Hologram, so the console won't fly around in midair. 

When it's turned on and no cartridge is in, it emits a VCR-style "no signal" thing. Memory Card slot chip removed from left Settings Wing. Revised Credits. Rebuilt built-in menu and improved visuals. Fixed music not playing in Move Menu. Did more stuff that I can't remember. 

MM v1.11:

Settings Wings are now made of Hologram. Next/Previous-related option's chip is no longer stuck to back panel.

Screen Placeholder v1.?:

Updated cartridge picture.

Manual v1.21:

Many sections updated.

Blank Cartridge v1.81:

New icons for mover and destroyer.

Dear Midway, v1.?:

Picture of sprite replaced with actual sprite. Brightnesses dimmed.

Move Seats v1.1:

Made Movinators no longer disable Popit controls.

Move Seats + Menu v1.2:

Added new Pong logo. Made Movinators no longer disable Popit controls.

I don't want to release it all right now, I want more to be added. Any ideas, for anything, please? FC suggested a way to disable music, but a) that's not possible and b) that would be ripping off the NeXT anyway.

Xevious Soundtrack

This is the initial v1.0 release. It contains: -Start ship -main theme -extra Solvalou -name registration, 1st place -name registration, 2nd-5th places.

Sidenotes on other crap:

Bill, can you send a message to Zeus telling him to accept my friend request? (Thanks for sending me the Core!)

Also, I finished making the end song for Scarily Sentient. It's like Forever Inside, but done to the other song (from Portal 2), and it's called "Now I'm Safe." FC says "the words actually match up" and he loves it. (Since hardly anyone in T-Games is ever online when I am except Chunky, who doesn't do anything, I usually ask FC for feedback on new stuff.)


The logo I made for him a while ago. It's still used.

Heads-up guys - FC (FearsomeClarinet) is trying to make a console of his own, the "Delta." It's kinda cool and I loaned him some icons to use. He thinks it will be "a thing" because of "marketing tactics," but I kind of doubt it, and I think we have enough consoles as it is in LBP. I've helped a lot with the outside design, tunes, and more. Logo picture at right.

DD - I know you're busy, but do you plan on setting aside any time to make the Skyton? If not, can you at least upload a picture of the design plan?

EDIT: I'm not gonna release it, but I wanted to at least try to make a Music Machine even though I said I wouldn't. It's pretty good, shame it'll never be released.

Trivia I just discovered:

Kowan's single self-created console (Jukebox) was actually made for the Jukebox XI's 2nd birthday. On purpose.

T-Games=Sony (both game companies) Game=Play (play a game) Expo=Station (very similar) [T-Games/Game/Expo - Sony/Play/Station]

T-Games=Nintendo (both companies) Fun=Entertainment (synonyms) Machine=System (kind of synonyms) [T-Games/Fun/Machine - Nintendo/Entertainment/System]

T-Games=Microsoft (companies) Ne-XBOX=XBOX-360 (both contain XBOX) [T-Games/NeXBOX - Microsoft/XBOX 360]

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