I've been secretly working on this for a while now. The Mini Update, a hub update, is an update that consists of adding a bunch of collectables. This includes:

Fun Machine v2.01 - It's nothing big, just some tweaks. And a memory card slot

Mini Machine v1.01 - A very noticeable update, it shortens the console's size by a lot.

Cartridge v1.? - Awesome, huge update: the cartridge gets this indescribably amazing new design on the outside inspired by the Game Boy along with a redesign of sorts and a Misc. Options chip to set cartridge-wide things, like if it emits a marquee, how fast it fades, and the prename and if it plays or not.

Manual v1.? - A medium-sized update that adds a considerable amount of stuff, like a step-by-step tutorial on programming a simple game, which of course is Pong.

Block Drop Collection -a game consisting of Block Drop, Block Drop 2 (a variation of Block Drop in which you have to catch the blocks and stack them up, and if one falls off the screen, you lose), Block Drop 3 (another coolifying variation where you must press X or Triangle while the block touches the paddle to make it disappear), and ports of the GameExpo Classic, Quadratum, and Huge Spaceship Arcade versions.

Dig Dug II soundtrack - Contains all BGM from Dig Dug II. (Yep, I finally finished the Name Entry song to complete the set! It's the kind of soundtrack I'd actually listen to.)

Screen Placeholder v1.? - Adds depth and marquee.

Memory Card Stuff - 80-slot card, 640-slot card, Data Manager, kit for making games that can save

So, this is why I bothered to name it. Lots of stuff. Yeah. Stay tuned!

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