The Cross-Update was an update for a lot of things that went live Friday the 13th this month. (Put this in the Newsletter!) It was named for being across two levels - the Fun Machine hub and the Consoles + Accessories hub. It consisted of many updates for many things that all started out separately but then were lumped into one big multiple-thing update. Things updated:

Fun Machine Hub

Sentience christmas lbpme

Now available in the FM hub in the easter egg area!

FM v2.3: Added custom built-in games and many new icons, fixed a bug, improved built-in menu, etc. MM v1.111: Added many new icons, fixed a bug. Cartridge: Added app disabling for Next/Previous, did something in Tools You Need. Manual v1.3: Removed Move DLC, updated many sections. Hub itself: Not technically part of the update, but the day after - did stuff for holiday season. Move Seats + Menu: Updated for built-in games. Main place: Added extra message. Evil Sentience easter egg area: Heavily decorated for Christmas complete with a special prize sticker, shown at right. I thought FC would appreciate it. Christmas themes for the FM and MM are in development and are almost done, slated for definite release next week.

Specific Cartridges

GameExpo III Launch Collection: Updated for new cartridge update. Balloon Fight (Balloon Trip): Updated for newer cartridge design in general, fixed a bad bug. BDC: Fixed a lot of bugs. Dig Dug II Soundtrack: Updated for cartridge update. Xevious Soundtrack: Updated for cartridge update.

C+A Hub


NeXBOX v1.503: Fixed startups not resetting, I think. Twin Ignis v1.2: Updated for Ignis I v1.2. Tried to fix Ignis I opening emissions emitting sideways, but it seems to be a permanent bug. (I guess the Twin Ignis doesn't matter since it isn't based on a T-Games console, but I list it because it was part of this update.) GameExpo Go: Improved cartridge slot, fixed bug that was disabling music.


Added the Universal Music App, a music app that will work for any console cartridge. Recommended for those who like to make copy-and-paste soundtracks.

Screen Placeholders

Updated GE2, GE3, Quadratum, NeXT, Ignis II (see above note on Twin Ignis). I2: Added Overdrive spot. Rest: Added memory card spot. (GE2, Q, and GX, why u no put memory card in perfect grid?!) Added GX.

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