S.P. Sour

aka Logan B.

  • I live in The Land Of Glitches And Nitrogen
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Video games
  • I am Male
  • S.P. Sour

    Super Player News

    January 11, 2015 by S.P. Sour

    Yes it has only been one week. I don't know why I am so excited to do things. Anyway:

    Today I updated the console to v1.1 (YES ALREADY) and released 2 games. The games are 3D Pong and Jump Walls. 3D Pong is just that. 2 people play as the ball bounces in literally 3 dimensions. Jump Walls is a simple game where you are a square and jump from wall to wall to avoid red squares. It is inspired by similar phone apps.

    v1.1 included:

    -Added front\back borders for the console

    -Added opening image (I think?)

    -Fixed Skip Opening Credits

    -Cartridge: fixed Soundtrack Only

    -Cartridge: Added Update Log

    -Cartridge: Did something else I think?

    I've also been creating a lot of stuff just to implement in later - writing Sentience dialogue, making the enclosed instru…

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  • S.P. Sour


    January 3, 2015 by S.P. Sour

    I love typing it in all caps like that.

    Yeah, just released it, link here.

    And, back on my old promise, I will reveal easter eggs here! In the first second or so in the trailer for the hub level, you see a little opening left of the black picture frame. If you enter it and go back many layers, it reveals a SECRET AREA where you can pick up a weird bullseye thing for your Sackpocket. A nearby star demonstrates that it can be used to highlight or activate things. Going back to the main hub, using the highlighter on the picture frame reveals the Super Player's Direct Mode Gemsprite*, a cotton candy-colored smiley reminscent of the famous FM Sentience Evil.** At the console where I (now dressed as Eridan *** for LBP3) am, you can "highlig…

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  • S.P. Sour


    October 4, 2014 by S.P. Sour

    Yep! Twitter denies me enough characters to be descriptive, so...

    My newest game, a remake of Ghostbusters(NES) for the GameExpo III, is now available to the public in protoype form! Go to the lockbox on my earth in LBP and enter code GNNACALL.

    Bugs are present, since it is more of a prototype, but hey! I made it! I am proud. This is probably the biggest game I've ever made, which is actually kinda lame when I look at the big picture. Oh well.

    Now I can put slightly more focus on other stuff! (I can't put this completely out of my sight, I still gotta fix reported bugs.)


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  • S.P. Sour

    Deb Hired! :DD

    July 27, 2014 by S.P. Sour

    Ok so. Today I got around to something I have wanted to do fur a while: Hiring Deb. I couldn't earlier, as my PS3 was broken, but now I got around to it and she's officially on the team as a graphic designer(although the site says Content Creator). SO yeah! She's amazing with art of any kind, her skills will be perfect for decoration of level sets.

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  • S.P. Sour

    GEMWAY'S 8CAK!!!!!!!!

    July 25, 2014 by S.P. Sour

    SoOoOoOoO. My PS3 is fixed! I can do real work now. I've already started! I've started a new game purroject, an FM port of 10-in-1 Arcade Collection (Gamelion), and I'm gonna impurrove the WIP of SS. Like, that air bubble thing in GP2. Gonna add that.

    Additionally: I just today found out about another nice LBP gaming team, Moons in Motion! That's nice and all, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: By a completely unrelated series of events(not even sarcastic here, this is hecksa coincidence man) I'm now furiends with MIMECH2, a co-leader of the team! More than I can say fur Trixel, which is funny beclaws we're supposed to be partners.

    Pawlso: SBaHC. Should it be public/official? Someone advise me.

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