• Darkparallel

    Small things

    December 9, 2013 by Darkparallel

    I've had a few small problems concerning things recently.

    1) My internet has been really bad, and I've had barely any for ages

    2) I've had tons of exams and stuff going on

    3) Since DD quit, a few things got messed up, like the team desk and things

    4) I lost all my data for my games on my PS3 after a hard drive failure

    BUT! Butbutbutt The plans I made still haven't changed! I'm looking into ways to create competitions on little big planet and other games and to encourage the community to take part, so I'll keep you informed of that :)

    Also! Hi again y'all!

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  • Darkparallel

    So DD, looks like I'll be celebrating Forever alone day with you after all :/

    So in related news, my girlfriend just broke up with me, and, not only that, suggested we "could still hang out as friends" and hopes "it won't be too awkward". DOES SHE KNOW HOW MUCH THAT FUCKING HURTS?! I mean, it's not like I saw this going anywhere. Nooooo, not like I'd had a crush on her for the past TWO FUCKING MONTHS! *Breaks down* The worst part is we would have officially been going out for one month on Sunday, and this would have been the longest relationship I'd ever held down.

    tl;dr: Girlfriend of nearly a month dumped me, I'm heartbroken, national forever alone day will be celebrated, well, alone.

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  • Darkparallel


    September 30, 2013 by Darkparallel

    So, yeah, yesterday, Billy handed over to me the title of CEO, I am happy with this.

    Thank you very much for reading. Goodbye.

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  • Darkparallel

    So it's been a while, hasn't it?

    Nice to see you all again and all that, but I'd like to jump right in and tell you the news!

    You've probably seen that on the front page of the wiki we have a little bubble with "PC" written in it, and icons floating about. That is because we are expanding! Yes, you read that right! Expanding! This means T-Games and all it stands for will clone itself and jump to the wonderful games known as "Portal 2" and "Garry's Mod". We do also have plans to expand into "Terraria", but it's harder to set up servers on there.

    If you want more information, a post will soon be going up on the main T-Games page, courtesy of Bobinti, detailing everything. 

    Enjoy the wait :)

    Or else...


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