People may wonder "where did DD's blog posts go?"

Virtually, they went nowhere. They're still the same blog posts you can find on my TheDarkness909 account.

I've changed it up a bit so that only official announcements from Dark-Optimal-909 will appear on the main page and not the other, because recently, I've been using my blog as more of a way to present funny ideas, and it can drive the wiki off-topic if it's an official post.

So with that in mind, I will post information on REAL T-Games announcements through this account, and hopefully I won't be using this account for anything silly in the future.

Yes, my sense of humor can drive up the wall sometimes, but I dislike it when I go unprofessional, because I'm showing hypocrisy and the like.

So... we're only minutes away from DarkParallel entering office.

We're a few weeks away from my next album's release,

and we're a few months away from the Skyton release, wait WHA-

You can read more of this post here.

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