It is now that time of the year again when shit gets serious at school. Adults begin to relax, animals begin to hibernate, and DD begins to leave WAIT HOLD O--

Yes, I'm leaving. Not permanently, but for 3 days. I will not return until 6:00 PM October 4th, 2013, so I've still got plenty o' time today. (Nobody's online) o_o

I'm going on a field trip, however all electronics (a.k.a. my life) will not be taken along as it is prohibited. Prohibihibhibhibhibhib--

So, effective on (MY TIME, NOT YOUR LOCAL TIME) the morning of October 2nd, 2013, you will see me inactive until I return, which will be like that one scene in every tragic romance film where all the women ball their eyes out in the audience as the guy runs towards the girl and reunite.

Yeah, I'm naturally fucked up like that.

So mainly, this is a 3 day trip to Camp Wanakita. (Hahahahaha, if someone misspelled that...) It's actually in its own form, called ROC King Camp, because the school I'm going to is called King City Secondary School, and they can't spell Rocking for shit. YES, IT'S A HIGH SCHOOL.

I've never been at a camp in a while. Like seriously; when I mean a while, I mean the most recent one was in July 2009, FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO. And I remember what happened there, too.

"We're gonna do all SORTS of fun!" Well, where's the fun in not bringing electronics? o_o

And by electronics, I mean EVERYTHING.
No iPods (because if you call it an MP3 player, you're considered old-school nowadays.)
No laptops (because you're bringing 2 luggages. Do you think you'd fit all of your clothes in just one of them and bring a laptop?)
No DS' (because if you're playing on a PS Vita, you're instantly a hipster.)
No phones (because if there's an emergency in which you are dying, you now have an increased chance of death at the scene.)

o_o See what I mean?


I went canoeing once. Fucking hated it. Why? Fucking incompetent partner. ("KEEP PADDLING! FASTER, GUYS!" "I WOULD IF THE OTHER ASSHOLE WOULD PAY ATTENTION INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE HE HAS NO FUCKING BRAIN.") Ok, so maybe that's not exactly what happened, but I definitely felt like I wanted to jump off in my lifejacket and just swim to another one nearby.

Actually, those previous two lines wouldn't be a bad T-Games Adventure Series introduction. (LONG GAAAAAAAASP--)

And you lonely guys may ask... This may be your chance to get a girlfriend! Oh my god, what about the one in your English class?

I'll update you on that.

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