• Dark-Optimal-909

    I'm Back, Bitches

    October 4, 2013 by Dark-Optimal-909

    YES! I'M HERE! At 6:00 too.

    Well, let me start this blog post by saying this:


    (Kills self)

    Ok, basically what you just saw was an exaggeration of what happened on Thursday. You remember the girl from English class, right? WELL GUESS WHAT!? I have no fucking respect for her anymore. I can't trust anyone now. Dead serious. She's dating a logically stupid but actively fit person whose voice sounds no different than a buzzer on a game show that plays when someone has gotten the incorrect answer. EVEN I CAN'T IMITATE THAT, IT'S FUCKING RETARDED! The guy's name is Michael, but he looks like Michael Cera, which is fucking creepy.

    But, aside from that, the activities were fun, and they did have an okay ch…

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  • Dark-Optimal-909

    It is now that time of the year again when shit gets serious at school. Adults begin to relax, animals begin to hibernate, and DD begins to leave WAIT HOLD O--

    Yes, I'm leaving. Not permanently, but for 3 days. I will not return until 6:00 PM October 4th, 2013, so I've still got plenty o' time today. (Nobody's online) o_o

    I'm going on a field trip, however all electronics (a.k.a. my life) will not be taken along as it is prohibited. Prohibihibhibhibhibhib--

    So, effective on (MY TIME, NOT YOUR LOCAL TIME) the morning of October 2nd, 2013, you will see me inactive until I return, which will be like that one scene in every tragic romance film where all the women ball their eyes out in the audience as the guy runs towards the girl and reunite.


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  • Dark-Optimal-909


    September 29, 2013 by Dark-Optimal-909

    Introducing Tabbers! A previously unseen feature on the wiki that is A) Awesome, and B) Brilliant.

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  • Dark-Optimal-909


    September 28, 2013 by Dark-Optimal-909

    People may wonder "where did DD's blog posts go?"

    Virtually, they went nowhere. They're still the same blog posts you can find on my TheDarkness909 account.

    I've changed it up a bit so that only official announcements from Dark-Optimal-909 will appear on the main page and not the other, because recently, I've been using my blog as more of a way to present funny ideas, and it can drive the wiki off-topic if it's an official post.

    So with that in mind, I will post information on REAL T-Games announcements through this account, and hopefully I won't be using this account for anything silly in the future.

    Yes, my sense of humor can drive up the wall sometimes, but I dislike it when I go unprofessional, because I'm showing hypocrisy and the like.


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