Incase you haven't noticed, I've made a few changes to the wiki over the past few days.

1) I've changed the theme. The theme still uses the same colours (in order to fit with the logo), but has been re-organised in such a way to make the wiki seem less dull and boring.

2) I've started adding T-Games levels to the wiki, for obvious reasons.

3) I've started to create a few more categories, and added lots of articles to them. This is to help keep the wiki organised, but also partially to support change #4

4) I've completely re-organised the navigation menu at the top. I did not know how to code this originally, but after a few minutes of toying around with it I managed to make it so that it is much more organised and easier to reach certain sections.

5) The T-Picks and T-Games Newsletter sections on the Wiki's homescreen have been removed (by TheDarkness909, as requested by me). This is because they have been inactive for a little while. While I have no immediate plans to revive the T-Picks, the T-Games Newsletter should be making a return soon, maybe for 2015.

That's all for now, but these changes will continue to be built upon, and I will probably change a lot more little things in the future! :)

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