GameEx is currently working on one of the biggest updates to the NeXT Generation line since launch (or at the very least, the modern update from November 9th 2012).

It will be called:

The NeXT Generation: The 2nd Generation Update

--and will replace the previously planned '2-4-1 Update' for the NeXT and NeXT Ubique.

"So Bobinti, what will this new update bring?"

Well, text directly above me, I'm about to tell you...

The NeXT Generation Itself

The NeXT Generation is going to introduce a lovely new logo, which is very lovely... and new.

Each console will now have its own logo (kind of - like how the Quadratum Musica had its own logo... kind of).


The v2.1 update for NeXT will bring some lovely new features - such as support for the NeXT Wireless HDD (that will also be a part of the 2nd Generation Update), removal of the annoying Preview mode, and some other bits and bobs to make it more user friendly. Nothing too big here.

NeXT Shadow

The NeXT Shadow is going to be re-named NeXT S, and will become Sharable to the community. The lovely new NeXT logos will also be added to the console.

NeXT Angel Cake

NeXT Angel Cake will now be called NeXT Basic, and will come with the lovely new logos. The NeXT Basic is exactly what it says it is - a basic NeXT. The great thing about the NeXT Basic will be that it is compatible with all NeXT Folders (post 2nd Generation Update) - and the NeXT will be compatible with NeXT Basic Folders!

NeXT Ubique

The NeXT Ubique will undergo a design change to make it look more square and more user friendly. The addition of the lovely logos to the console will also be a feature. NeXT Ubique will now emit a hologram screen for when a non-NeXT-Ubique-but-still-a-NeXT Folder is activated. A warning message will also emit telling the user that some features will be disabled. The NeXT Ubqiue will also be recieving its own Hub - finally seperating itself from the other NeXTs and bringing with it more attention from the community.


Last but not least, the NeXT MP3 will be re-named to NeXT Audio and feature a new design change. The new design change will feature a sidebar, present on consoles such as the SoundWave for ease-of-use. The new design will also make it look less cluttered (and will feature the lovely new logos).

Progress on the 2nd Generation Update is progressing rapidly. It was originally planned for March, however a February release might not be out of the question.

See you later alligator!

(Please leave your thoughts in a comment below!)

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