Hey Guys!

So, I know we said that this blog section will be just about the Wiki and nothing else - but T-Games has recently created something awesome - It's own internet radio station!

You can check it out by going to:

It is not currently streaming 24/7 and is in testing stages. Since we are testing it, anything could happen to the stream - it could be interrupted, replaced, go offline and start broadcasting at any moment. Soon we will create a schedule and try to stick with it - however at the moment it's just a willy nilly internet radio :D

It currently either:

  • Loops through U-Music Songs.
  • Plays through (newley re-edited and re-rendered) T-Pods.
  • Pulls in a signal from a Chart Music show.
  • Pulls in a signal from a News show.
  • Pulls in a random signal from any station.

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