- Weebly wouldn't reply to my several reports about bugs that were preventing me from updating the T-Games Website's banners, so... instead of painfully waiting, I changed the design completely - something I was hesitant to do, but now have 0 regrets.

Look at it.

It's just so awesome.

I would say it's shiny, but Kowan already stole that from me.

I've also been through every single page on the website and updated it. Also, since I've not discovered the not-so-new-at-all addition of COLUMNS, many pages (including the home page, member list, studios, and others) now look nicely organised and lovely. I've also done a mass-clean-up of the Home page and LittleBigPlanet & Minecraft Pages (since they were all horribly outdated) so yeah! Lovelyness! Cleanliness! Organizaltioniless!... Organisless.... Organi... Or... Organization! :D

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